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What is viral fever and what are its symptoms? How to prevent viral fever? The best way to treat it.

What is viral fever in general?

Fever caused by any virus is viral. This is a disease that occurs especially during the change of seasons, whenever the weather changes, due to the fluctuation of temperature, the immune system of our body weakens and the body comes under virus infection quickly.

It can also be said that due to change in weather, disturbance in eating habits, or physical weakness, viral fever also occurs. Viral fever weakens the immune system of our body, due to which viral infections reach very fast from one person to another. Generally, the symptoms of viral fever are similar to common fever, but if it is neglected, the person's condition can become very serious.

According to Ayurveda, when there is a viral fever, all the three doshas of the body proliferate and show different symptoms. Especially in this, due to Kapha dosha, it slows down the gastric fire or dies of hunger.

Viral Fever | The Best Way It Can Be Treated

Causes of Viral fever:

Viral fever usually occurs due to the weakening of the immune system due to the change of seasons. But there are other reasons other than this due to which fever comes.

  • Consumption of contaminated water and food,

  • Due to pollution, fine particles present in contaminated air enter the body,

  • Lack of immunity,

  • Living with a patient with viral fever.

Symptoms of viral fever:

  • Symptoms of viral fever are similar to those of normal fever, but ignoring it can make the condition se