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Ayurvedic Immune Booster, Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer VS Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Ayurvedic Immune Booster, Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer for better results than the "alcoholic hand sanitizer" to protect against CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19).


The ancient observers of Indian civilization have developed a unique health science based on the laws of nature and the use of natural resources. Ayurveda has given main importance to the prevention of diseases and the second priority is to cure the disease. This concept is fully acceptable in epidemic situations such as CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19). Through Ayurveda, achieving a long healthy life is the easiest most possible way by the process of following specific measures throughout life. Therefore the principles of Ayurveda mostly focus on describing such measures. However, other measures to be developed in specific situations to avoid the risk of disease are stated. In other words, an herbal legacy of Ayurveda provides both long-term usable measures as well as immediate implementations to assure standard physiological mechanisms to maintain health. The preventive and therapeutic aspects of Ayurveda medical science, as mentioned earlier, are two important principles. The therapeutic principle is narrated under the heading Medicals, which is the treatment protocol. Preventive policies are described under the title 'Swastha-Vritta', which means that all the necessary diets are included to maintain the health of a healthy person and include regular daily diets such as body cleansing, diet, and Yoga exercises, and seasonal regiment. In epidemic conditions such as CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19), body cleanliness is a top priority to prevent microbe penetration into the body. The guideline provided by the World Health Organization also highlights the importance of cleanliness, which Ayurveda narrated thousands of years ago. Given the current situation, it is necessary to emphasize the cleanliness of the outer open cavities of the whole body such as the ears, nose, and open wounds, as well as regular cleaning of the entire body, especially for hands, is necessary for disinfection. Proper hygiene, especially hand hygiene, can be considered one of the most important, most direct as well as highly inexpensive measures to prevent the spread of resistant germs, especially nosocomial infections.