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Leucoderma (Loss of skin colour) | Causes | Ayurvedic approach for leukoderma | Ayurvedic Medicines

Vitiligo, also known as 'leucoderma', is an autoimmune disorder in which the body's immune system attacks healthy cells and, in turn, begins to affect the body. The condition is characterized by white spots on the skin that develop as a result of melanocytes within the skin.

Causes: (As per modern & Ayurveda)

The exact cause of leukoderma is not known, but excessive mental stress and general low immune levels are the main precipitating factors of leukoderma. Other conditions that may indirectly affect the melanin pigment of the skin, causing leucoderma are given below: Acute or chronic gastric disorder. Impaired liver functions such as the impaired liver. Other parasites in the alimentary canal. Defective sweating mechanism. Protein deficiency, Calcium and cupro minerals. Defects in the enzyme tyrosinase, Burn injury, Chronic dysentery, Hyperthyroidism perip