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Lumbago with sciatica | Cause | Prevention | Treatment | Medication

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Lumbago with sciatica is characterized by pain radiating from the lower back down into your leg. Tailored exercises can be part of your ongoing pain prevention strategy. Post diagnosis, work on a strong core with good functional range across the joints of your spine and hips.

Causes lumbago sciatica:

Lumbago can be caused by several factors, but the main reason is the overuse of the lower back and the sudden lifting of a heavy load. Lumbago can be the result of excessive bending or other repetitive motions involving the lower back. Osteoarthritis and spinal arthritis (spondylosis) can be factors.

Symptoms of lumbago?

Mild to severe pain across the lower part of the back which sometimes travels into the buttocks, the groin area, or down into the back of the thigh. A stiff neck, which is caused by the muscles surrounding the spine going into spasm. Difficulty in bending forward and leaning back.